Hummingbird Baby Board

Hummingbird Baby Board

Maria Godines
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Made from Traditional Rosewood hoop, elk buckskin, glass, metal, Pendleton umbilical pouch and Novaform bedding. Available for local pick-up.

In our Indian country, we have our traditional baby boards.The baby board continues to be used today, just as we have used them from time immemorial because they serve to provide security and protection to our babies. The security given to our babies is provided through the style in which they are wrapped and tied into the baby board. The baby is given the same security as that of being held and cuddled when they are wrapped and tied into the baby board.

Past generations used the donut shaped head support and a cylinder shaped leg support which was placed inside the baby board underneath the baby. The donut shape for supporting the head and preventing the head from becoming flat and gave support to the head and neck. The cylinder shape leg support was placed underneath the legs where the knees bend to prevent cramping.

The hoop serves three purposes-

To protect from injury in a fall.

Wild rosewood is used to protect from bad spirits.

Decorated beads and shells that fringe the hoop tend to create a soothing and quieting effect when gently rocked. The small pouch near the hoop is used to hold the umbilical cord to protect the baby from harm.

The Novaform Naturals Memory foam Mattress used for the bedding is the finest ergonomic cushioning made today to provide ultimate comfort. In the past baby boards were not made with cushions therefore the donut and cylinder pillows were crucial for the baby’s comfort.

The flat board is man made compressed wood. The flat board provides the baby with better posture. In the past the board was made from cedar or birch wood. The styles of the baby boards have evolved throughout the generations. Today materials used to make the baby board is readily available and less costly. In the past, you made do with what you had available.

The handcrafted Native American Baby Board is a work of art. The skills to make a baby board are handed down from generation to generation .